• A Strategy for Success

    You feel it deep down in your soul; you have a meaningful, inspiring message that can impact and transform the lives of others. But how do you get it out and then build upon its success? Publishing is, at its heart, an insular, complex, and competitive world- an environment in which it's exceedingly rare for an unknown author to seal the deal. That's why having a proven agent with a powerful publishing network makes all the difference between staying in the shadows or stepping into the global spotlight.

    DMA's passionate advocates will fine-tune and position your undertaking to make sure it is marketable before it ever crosses a publisher's desk. We will position your book as a cornerstone and build a long-term brand strategy, wielding both conventional and unconventional approaches- from speaking tours and media appearance to television projects, Web sites, wikis and more.

    Creativity is our Resource.Negotiation is our Talent. Relationships are our passion.